Success Stories

We have numerous success stories of film stars, handicapped persons, also people with crippling injuries.


Sanjay Raut – Certified Trainer

I have been a Certified Trainer for a long time. It was impossible for me to put on any muscle mass as my body is off the ectomorph type. I did a 2 month mass building programme with Asif Sir during which he studied my diet and body type and designed a customized program, and the results are for all to see.


Syed Shams – Professional Body Builder

I have been training for more than 10 years but was getting nowhere. I then bumped into Asif sir took me to task, to be a competitive body builder. I trained with him for a year and stood 3rd at the state level competition. His knowledge on training and nutrition has helped me to have my own gym and countless members are benefiting from the same.


Pravin- Fitness Freaks Gym Owner

I was a trainer with a dream of becoming a gym owner. Mr.Asif helped me realize this dream, his help and encouragement, enabled me to fulfill that dream within a year. His equipment is so hardcore and sturdy, that my gym has come to become the No.1 gym in my locality. In the past year even after nearly more than 100 members training everyday, I have had no maintenance not even for a single cable changed for the past year.


Mr Anish Savla – Bussinessman

I was one of the very first clients of Muscle-Tech way back when Asif just started his company. I wasvery caught up in my business and had no time for my health. I converted my 500 ft apartment at Juhu into my own gym, set up by Muscle-Tech. I started at 50kgs and went upto 85 kgs all on muscle tech equipment. I have been training with Asif for the past 15 years and am still amazed at his profound knowledge on fitness and  nutrition.

In 2014, he launched his Pilates reformer of which I am a proud owner.


Dr.Sonal Savla

I started training with Mr.Asif 5 years ago at the age of 45. In the past 5 years my body has transformed so drastically that people don’t recognize me. Asif has slowly built up my musculature, stamina as well as body aesthetics to phenomenal levels. I think I must be the fittest doctor at age 50.

Being a doctor I really respect Asif’s knowledge on training and diet which is very updated.

I have never been to a gym, all my training has been doen at my home gym, with muscle tech equipment’s.


Azim Shemna

I always wanted to do competitive bodybuilding but never had the time due to career and family constraints. By the time I started, I was already 36 years old. But I did not have to worry once I started training under Mr. ASIF. I went to become a 105 kg bodybuilder from a 70 kg average person. I stood 5th in my very first competition. It was a miracle!! And now, I have my sights on the National title.


Shehzad Shaikh

I had injured my leg at a very young age. Mr. ASIF from MUSCLE-TECH took a special interest in me and worked on my injured leg for 3 years until it was normal. And now, I myself am a certified trainer. I have learned everything from him.

The list goes on from 70 kg to 105 kg bodybuilder; or from 105 kg to 70 kg, we at MUSCLE-TECH have done it all.

From Sanjay Dutt to a Simple Simon, we have all the answers for you concerning your fitness, weight loss programme or competitive sports.