Personal Training

We at MUSCLE-TECH, started personal training 12 years ago, looking at each individual need. We have people coming to us with very hectic work schedules. We have come out with solutions for them as per their individual needs.

We design training programmes for each person according to his or her lifestyle, career, diet, working hours and motivation factor.


We have our own team of Dieticians, Aerobics Trainers and Strength Trainers.

We categorize a person’s individual needs and put up realistic goals. We do not promise miracles, only practical solutions.

We plan our client needs in three stages:

  • STAGE I : Just get into a basic shape and into regular fitness regime.
  • STAGE II : Individual needs are looked into.e.g. “I want a flat stomach” or “I want bigger arms” etc
  • STAGE III : Maintaining stages I AND II with a simple 3 days a week routine programme with minimum diet constraints.


We have a complete database of our clients in case they need our guidance anytime in the future.

Anybody can call us with their individual requirements and we will come up with a solution.